Thee Hourz O’ Power – 6/27/2013

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Iron Maiden – Aces High

Savatage – By the Grace of the Witch

Sortilege – Sortilege

Dio – Electra

Black Sabbath – End of the Beginning

Gloryhammer – Magic Dragon

Wülfhook – Tormentor

Grim Reaper – Rock You To Hell

Pasadena Napalm Division – Murder the Bearded Lady Killer

Scale the Summit – Atlas Novus

High On Fire – Speedwolf (live)

Starkill – Strength in the Shadow


Lizzy Borden – Appointment with Death

Warlock – Sign of Satan

Children of Bodom – Transference

Timo Tolkki’s Avalon – The Land of New Hope

Dio – Rock n’ Roll Children/Long Live Rock n’ Roll/Man on the Silver Mountain (live)

Raven – Don’t Need Your Money

Desolation Angels – Valhalla

Fates Warning – The Sorceress

Virgin Steele – Metal City

Crimson Glory – Where Dragons Rule


Summoning – Evernight

Summoning – Flammifer

Summoning – Old Mornings Dawn

Summoning – The White Tower

Summoning – Caradhras

Summoning – Of Pale White Morns and Darkened Eves

Summoning – The Wandering Fire

Summoning – Earthshine


Angel Witch – Angel Witch

Judas Priest – Beyond the Realms of Death

Opeth – Ghost of Perdition

Halloween – Not One

Dark Funeral – The Arrival of Satan’s Empire

Oakenshield – The Death of Baldr

Spelljammer – Electric Ground

Seance – Soulerosion

Eagle Twin – Snake Hymn


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