Sit Or Spin 6/23/13

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Tonight Mars hosts the Legend Skotty Bell, Fidgety Finkler, the Exceptionally Well-Dressed Stacey, the Cuddly Makenzie, the Girl with the Cool Accent Laura, the Bashful Sylvia, and Engineer Extraordinaire Randy! Follow along with the playlist live after the jump.

Carbon Affair – Hey Geronimo: spin

Dogwalk – Pity Sex: spin

After the Afterlife – CocoRosie: spin

Brilliant Dancer – Lemuria: spin

Mexico, Ny – We Barbarians: spin

Pressure – Until The Ribbon Breaks: sit

Sex to the Devil – Icky Blossoms: sit

Shattered Me – Bass Drum Of Death: spin

Rodeo – Half Bodies: spin

House On Fire – Black Taxi: sit

3am Spiritual – Smith Westerns: spin

Chicago Lady – Bad Cop: sit

Overdose – Little Daylight: sit

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