The Basement – 6/20/13

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Thanks all for tuning and thanks to Academy4, Jory Stultz, and Kyle Pentecost for coming in and hanging out.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Nathan Alan – For the Wolves

Gunnar & The Grizzly Boys – Could Be Me

Haunted Leather – Midnight Women

Academy4 – Poison

Academy4 – Paper Love

Academy4 – Bittersweet

Academy4 – Xavier

Academy4 – Who I Am

Academy4 – Coldest War

The Colinizers – The Price of Whine

Chris Smith – Oracle

Frontier Ruckus – Black Holes

The Sound Logic – When You’re Gone

Jory Stultz – The Lone Astronomer

Jory Stultz – She Spoke Kind

Jory Stultz – Untitled

Kyle Pentecost – She Spoke Kind

Kyle Pentecost – Untitled

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