Asian Invasion 06/10/2013

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Happy Monday! New music tonight from Geeks, Seo In Young, Offroad and more! In K-pop news, K-POP STAR 3 will be holding auditions in America later this year, and are taking applications now. Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Geeks – Backpack

Geeks – “Getting On You (DJ Dopsh)”
CL – “나쁜 기집애 / The Baddest Female”
M-Tiful – “어떳게 웃어 / How Can I Smile”
Henmi – “바라지 않는 / Undesired Girl”
2BiC – “Lady Lady (feat. 79)”
Seo In Young – “너는 사랑이다 / You Are The Love”
Infinite – “남자가 사랑할때 / Man In Love”
J.Lyn – “한 살 더 먹었잖아 / One Year Older”
Kim Jin Pyo – “너는 나를 / You Made Me (feat. Jo Hyun Ah of Urban Zakapa)”
GB9 (Gil & Bong) – “미칠 것 같아 / Going Crazy”
AA – “미쳐서 그래 / Because I’m Crazy”
P-Type – “Die Hard (feat. Ali, MC Meta of Garion)”
SPACECOWBOY – “끝났어 / It’s Over”
Kim Yeon Woo – “그대라서 / Because It’s You”

Irish Coffee – “Sweet Dream and Vanilla Lattes”
Kyary Pamyu Pamyu – “にんじゃりばんばん / Ninja Re Bang Bang”
m-flo – “YEAH!”
ONE OK ROCK – “The Beginning”
Silent Siren – “stella☆”
GReeeeN – “Best Friend”
J-Min – “Looking For A Hero”
LGYankees with SO-TA – “Yellow Tulip”
The ALFEE – “Final Wars!”
Tomohisa Yamashita – “Beating”
Kayama Saki – “Goodbye I Love You”
HARUKI – “Houkyou no Messiah (Chinese Version)”

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