The Basement – 6/6/13

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Thanks everyone for tuning in and thanks to Vandalay for coming in and hanging out tonight!

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Irrelephant – Matador/Mariachi

The Blue Effect – What She Said

Canada – Madisonville, KY

Ribbons of Song – Everything Happens Now

Vandalay – Something Else

Vandalay – Remember, Remember

Vandalay – Never Abandon You

Vandalay – Diamonds and Gold

Vandalay – Venice

Brave Bird – The Worst Things Happen To Me

The Tosspints – Our Last Breath

The Brave Youth – The Other Side

The Sound Logic – When You’re Gone

Basement Shark Attack – John Painter, Our Lord and Saviour

The Hand In The Ocean – White Noise

1876 – Wolfe

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