Asian Invasion 06/03/2013

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We’re back this week with lots of new music from artists like EXO-K, CL (her solo debut!), Girls Generation, and more! Here’s the playlist for tonight’s show:

EXO-K – “늑대와 미녀 / Wolf”
CL – “나쁜 기집애 / The Baddest Female”
Kim Hyun Joong – “One More Time”
Girls Day – “I Don’t Mind”
C.N.Blue – “외톨이야 / I’m A Loner” (by request)
Rania – “Just Go”
U-Kiss – “Standing Still”
Yoo Ji-Ae – “Delight”
Alaa Wardi & Wonho Chung – “Mr. Simple (A Capella cover)”
Ladies’ Code – “나쁜여자 / Bad Girl”
Maximum the Hormone – “Buiikikaesu!!” (by request)
As One – “사랑이 어색해 / Awkward Love”
Bumkey – “미친연애 / Bad Girl (feat. E-Sens of Supreme Team)”
Girls Generation – “훗 / Hoot”
EXO-M – “3 6 5″

Namie Amuro – “Copy That”
AAA – “Alive”
Girls Generation – “Love & Girls”
SPYAIR – “Turning Point”
CREAM – “Once In A Lifetime”
Miura Daichi – “The Answer”
Mao Denda – “Ms. Loneliness”
ONE OK ROCK – “Clock Strikes”
fumika – “Bluebird”
Hwang Jung Min, Yoo Jun Sang, Yoon Do Hyun – “후회 없어 / No Regrets”
Hemenway – “フューチャー考察 / Future Consideration”
Koda Kumi – “情熱 / Passion”
ACIDMAN – “Catastrophe”
BiS – “BiSimulation”

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