The Basement – 5/30/13

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Thanks all for tuning in! Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Pulp Culture – Cognitive Dissonance

Dogs In Winter – A Major Debt for a Minor Cause

The White Stripes – Ball and a Biscuit

The Rival – Chisel

Mike Vial – Reach Back

Wayne Szalinski – Deerling

The Ragbirds – Learn to Shine

Steven’s Salute – Rose Red

Maybe Next Time – Fight Me

Hung Up – It’s Getting Old

Squid the Whale – Tennessee

The Storied Life – Another Poor Me

Way to Fall – I Fell In Love With Gwen Stacy

Orange Marsupials – Ridin’

Giraffe Attack – Cut the Cord

Wisaal – Mediterranean Homesick Blues

The Silent Years – The Axiom

Nathan Alan – Writings

Your Best Friend - Tempera

American Opera – Broken Roads


Racket Ghost – Don’t Know Where I’ll Go

Avery Black – Seeing Everything




Off the Ledge – Dragonfly

Good Day Good Sir – I Am A Man

Artifact Lounge – Peach Festival’s Grand Scene

Academy4 – Coldest War

Endeavors – BLOODVVOLF

Disinformants – Had My Share

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