Diane’s Guilty Pleasure.

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My guilty pleasure song is Fat Lip by Sum 41, and I know it isn’t a recent song or even all that relevant in music lately, but damn, I cannot and will not stop listening to this.


It takes me back to my pre-teen ways of feeling so very “misunderstood” and throwing around a few pillows in my room to show Mom and Dad what’s up.fat lip

The lyrics are vulgar, a bit self-deprecating, and even a little offensive, but isn’t that what makes for a badass punk song? There’s no denying how fun it is to air drum to it around campus. The song is a big “F U” to society and even though I was nowhere near as badass as the lyrics, I can still live variously through them. I’m yet to graduate from my angsty-rebel phase, even though I’ll be graduating college in two weeks (yikes!). Punk4lyfe \m/.

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