Afterglow 5/26

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Radiohead’s The National Anthem, StarShpongled Banner and Explosion’s In The Sky’s Memorial to look forward to on this Memorial Day weekend edition of the Afterglow. Hit up the request line If any patriotic tracks come to mind! Playlist after the jump!


While You Dooooo- Teebs

The National Anthem- Radiohead

Hayling-FC Kahuna

4- Aphex Twin

Don’t Summarise My Summer Eyes- Bibio

Doin’ It Right- Daft Punk (featuring Panda Bear!)

StarShpongled Banner- Shpongle

Daydream- Tycho

The Look (Koreless Remix)- Jacques Greene

Building Steam With A Grain Of Salt- DJ shadow (Request)

Un Vingt- Throwing Snow


Memorial- Explosions In The Sky

Storm Returns- Prefuse 73

Breathe- Telepopmusik

Everything You Do Is A Balloon- Boards of Canada

Moon- Little People

Ruby- Mount Kimbie

Your Hand In Mine- Explosions In The Sky (Request)

Glosoli- Sigur Ros

Brother Sport- Animal Collective (Request)

What We Meant- E-Vax

Concerning the UFO sighting near highland illinois- Sufjan Stevens

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