Asian Invasion 05/20/2013

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K-pop’s longest running group is back! Shinhwa just released their 11th studio album The Classic to cement their place as the K-pop kings.  Their new single and more in tonight’s show!

Shinhwa – “This Love”
2PM – “한.니.뿐. / All Day I Think About You”
2NE1 – “Fire”
UV & JYP – “Itaewon Freedom”
Girls Generation – “Dancing Queen”
Baechigi – “걱정마쇼 / Don’t Worry (feat. Woo Haemi & Loptimist)”
MAYDAY – “终结孤单 / The End of Loneliness”
T-ara N4 – “Countryside Life”
NS Yoon-G – “If You Love Me (feat. Jay Park)”
PSY – “Gentleman”
Brown Eyed Girls – “Abracadabra” (Watch the “Abracadabra” video to see the original “Gentleman” dance!)
Geeks – “어때 / How Are You (feat. Harim)”
Dal Shabet – “있기 없기 / Have, Don’t Have”
M.I.B. – “난장판 / Mess (feat. MFBTY)”
Baek Ji Young – “입술을 주고 / Giving Lip”

San E – “Big Boy (feat. Bee of Rphabet)”
Lee Hi – “짝사랑 / One-Sided Love”
IU – “New World”
SHINee – “Why So Serious?”
4minute – “이름이 뭐예요? / What’s Your Name?”
Lee Hyori – “미스코리아 / Miss Korea”
Gummy – “All For Love”
Galaxy Express – “언제까지나 / Always”
Mukimukimanmansu – “내가 고백을 하면 깜짝 놀랄거야 / If I Confess, Be Totally Surprised”
f(x) – “Ice Cream (Idiotape remix)”
Kim Tae Chun – “내 사랑은 롯데캐슬 위에 / My Love on Lotte Castle”
Cho Yong Pil – “Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)”
Akdong Musician – “I Love You”
Ailee – “여인의 향기 / Scent of A Woman”
Shohei Ito – “We Are Young”

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