The Basement – 5/16/13

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Special thanks to The Class Acts for coming in and hanging out tonight.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Language – Cuda

The Summer Pledge – Fences for Teeth

Gun Lake – I Gave Enough

Andy Reed – The Day the World Was Lost

Fancy Werewolves – I Hate Your Girlfriend

The Herd – Irie

The Class Acts – Functions

The Class Acts – Worthwhile

The Class Acts – Christopher Robin

The Class Acts – Busy Work

Honah Lee – Come On, Let’s Go

Meadower – 10 Sunken Treasure

American Opera – Broken Roads

Jake Down – A Plow Broke the Plains

Lettercamp – First Kiss

Claire Sullivan – Hunky Dory

The Skies Revolt – Green Dress, In A Sense

Ribbons of Song – Clumsy

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