Asian Invasion 05/13/2013

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Welcome back to school, for those of you taking summer classes! Here’s the playlist from tonight’s show:

T-ara N4 – “전원일기 (田遠日記) / Countryside Life” 
Geeks – “어때 / How Are You (feat. Harim)”
D-Unit – “허수아비 / Scarecrow”
Avicii – “Levels (with 2AM Seulong)”
Park Jung Hyung – “My Everything”
B2ST & BTOB – “Bye Bye Love”
Shin Ji Soo – “사랑 빼고 거짓말 / Besides Love, A Lie”
2PM – “이 노래를 듣고 돌아돠 / Come Back When You Hear This Song”
Lee Hyori – “미스코리아 / Miss Korea”
4men Shin Yong Jae – “평범한 / Normal Love”
Lyn – “유리 심장 / Glass Heart (feat. B2ST Joonhyung)”
B1A4 – “Sunshine”
BBAN – “나보다 더 소종한 사람 있어요 / There Is A Person More Precious Than Me”
Bohemian Yong Jin & Seong Eun – “아프지마 / Don’t Be Sick”
As One & Miss $ – “좋을거야 / It’s Gonna Be Alright”

flumpool – “Answer”
Clean Tears – “Link (feat. Youna)”
AeLL – “一枚目 / 4colors”
Dasoku – “Never Ending”
Weather Girls – “キミ予報 / Kimi Yohou”
CREAM – “Runaway”
Ayaka – “Beautiful”
UVERworld – “The Over”
E-girls – “Just In Love”
BREAKERZ – “Challengerz”
Every Little Thing – “On and On”
Kaname Kawabata (Chemistry) – “Breakthrough”
Nakashima Mika – “Supreme”
SPYAIR – “Raise Your Hands”

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