EARTH X HEART 2013 on the Impact Asian Invasion

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Tune in to the Asian Invasion tonight to hear a very special edition of the show!  We’re proud to announce that we’ll be broadcasting the 2013 EARTH X HEART concert during the second half of the program (9-10 PM, the regular program starts at 8 PM).  EARTH X HEART is an annual charity concert for Earth Day, created to raise awareness of and respect for the Earth.  This year’s concert features Taiwanese pop-rock band MAYDAY and Japanese rockers flumpool, and trust me, you don’t want to miss it!

MAYDAY and flumpool will be performing a special Japanese version of MAYDAY’s song “OAOA” together; here’s the original music video in Mandarin:


And for another taste of the concert, a short version of flumpool’s song “Touch”:

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  1. Michael Reply

    The live songs from Earth X Heart are really cool. Thank you Impact!

  2. Michael Reply


  3. Michael Reply


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