Asian Invasion 4/29/2013

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Tonight we’re doing a special broadcast of the EARTH X HEART 2013 concert with MAYDAY (五月天) and flumpool recorded live in Tokyo!  EARTH X HEART is an annual charity concert in Japan, raising awareness for respect of the Earth and life, and environmental issues.

Here’s the playlist from tonight’s show:

Jay Park – “좋아 / JOAH”
Gummy – “All For Love”
Jaejoong – “One Kiss”
SHINee – “Why So Serious?”
Lunafly – “Kisses”
4minute – “What’s Your Name?”
Cho Yong Pil – “Hello (feat. Verbal Jint)”
flumpool – “Calling”
Mao Denda – “Manifesto”
LGMonkees – “Kikite”
G-Dragon – “미치GO / MichiGO”
CREAM – “Shooting Star”
Akdong Musician – “I Love You”
Ra.D – “친구들에게 / 2 Homies 2″
PSY – “Gentleman”
Ailee – “Scent of A Woman”

2013 Earth X Heart Concert

MAYDAY setlist:
“孫悟空 / Sun Wu Kong”
“終結孤單 / The End of Loneliness”
“雌雄同體 / Masquerade”
“離開地球表面 / Jumping from Earth Toward Space”

flumpool setlist:
“ベガ ~過去と未来の北極星 / Vega”
“Yeah Great”
“星に願いを / Wishing Upon A Star”

MAYDAY and flumpool – “現在就是永遠 / OAOA (Japanese Version)”

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