Afterglow 4/28

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Tonight I have a very special edition of the Afterglow for you! Tonight’s playlist will highlight the most memorable songs from this semesters playlist. As I will be gone for the next few months on a study abroad in Russia, I wanted to give you a little something special! Tonight we’re offering tickets to All Good Music Festival! Keep listening for you chance to win! 


1. It’s Raining Clouds – Blockhead

2. Loafin’ – The Deadbeats

3. Bluebird – One Self

4. Tooth Moves – Clark

5. Heaven’s Gonna Burn Your Eyes – Thievery Corporation

6. Blessed Day on Distorted Shape – Easily Embarrassed

7. Dice – William Orbit feat. Finley Quaye

8. Teardrop – Massive Attack

9. All I Need – Air

10. We Are Water – Papadosio

11. Lost Ya – BoomBox



12. Gold In Gold Out – Blue Sky Black Death

13. Sparks – Röyksopp

14. Lullaby for a Little Robot – Chronos

15. Odysseus Under the Old Tree – Koan

16. Oh, Something’s Quiet – J. Viewz

17. Stay the Same – Bonobo

18. New Soma (Live Acoustic) – STS9

19. Placid Acid – Tourist

20. Destiny – Zero 7

21. Butterfly Mornings – Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions (request)

22. Afterglow – Phaeleh

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