Breaking! New! Core! With Wayne Szalinki’s Andrew Adams.

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Here is the latest update from the guitarist of Wayne Szalinksi, Andrew Adams! Check out the artists that have inspired his music.


I’ve been aware of The Cure forever, but somehow I haven’t known until this week how catchy and awesome they are.  It remains to be seen if it’s just a kick or if they become a lasting favorite!The+Cure


I’ll call “new” this past year or two? This Town Needs Guns.  They somehow manage to be insanely technical and complex and still craft the prettiest, simplest songs, and I think that’s something we strive for (although I’m not half as good at guitar!).  And Frontier Ruckus.  Their new album, Eternity of Dimming, is so huge and expansive.  It sets an absurdly high standard for crafting a cohesive but still varied body of work.


Radiohead, Radiohead, Radiohead.  Also Neutral Milk Hotel and Saves the Day.  Kind of a goofy top three, but each of those bands epitomizes three vastly different appeals, and most other bands that I like fall under one of those categories or combine those appeals somehow.3247694 Or just check that for all of my listening stats. :)

Checkout Wayne Szalinki’s Frontman, Andy Milad, BNC HERE!


Written by Michelai

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