The Basement – 4/18/13

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Big thanks to Vince Zydeck and The Plurals for stopping by tonight. Be sure to tune in next week when we have Honey Wild and The Distorted Watlz in the studio.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Wayne Szalinski – Sweetness

Honey Wild – Deadbeats

Last Night Saved My Life – Nosotros

Sol – Sense

Vince Zydeck – Dust

Vince Zydeck – Fix What You Can

Vince Zydeck – So Heavy It’s Gold

Vince Zydeck – Relate

Alaska – Avenue 731

The People’s Temple – Looter’s Game

Basement Shark Attack – Queen Latifah, Vodka, and Cigarettes

The Plurals – La La La

The Plurals – Run

The Plurals – Shrug

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