Asian Invasion 04/15/2013

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Psy is back with another hit video, this time for his new single “Gentleman”, already racking up over 70 million views in a couple of days!  That and more in tonight’s playlist:

PSY – “Gentleman”
Girls Generation – “I’m A Diamond”
M.I.B – “Money In The Building”
Space A – “카멜레온 / Chameleon”
SHINee – “Girls, Girls”
Miiii – “만남 사랑 이별 / Meeting, Love, Farewell”
Zion.T – “Babay (feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo)”
Stello – “홍대 브루스 / Hongdae Blues (feat. Rbii)”
10cm & Acoustic Collabo – “사랑이 멀어져가 / Love Is Getting Farther Away”
Two X – “붐 찍고 클랩 / Boom Take Clap”
BTOB – “두번째 고백 / Second Confession”
Mighty Mouth – “톡톡/ Tok Tok (feat. Kim Bum Soo)”
Resa – “별/ Star”
2PM – “너에게 미쳤었다 / I Was Crazy About You”
Ran – “태어나서 처음으로 / For The First Time In My Life”

The Nuts – “사랑 노트 / Love Note”
7!! Oops – “さよならメモリー / Goodbye Memory”
doa – “RIDE ON”
9nine – “colorful”
Funky Monkey Babys – “ありがとう / Arigatou”
AKB48 – “Waiting Room”
Sakanaction – “Aoi”
YUI – “Rolling Star” (by request)
Hemenway – “フューチャー考察 / Future Consideration”
4you – “Request”
GILLE – “Try Again”
KAT-TUN – “Connect & Go”
Idoling!!! – “さくらサンキュー / Sakura Thank You”
Masahiko Kondo – “Let’s Go!”

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