Afterglow 4/14

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I have a great playlist compiled for you tonight, as well as some special announcements! More after the jump!


1. Genesis – Grimes

2. Hi-Tech Mosaic – Chronos

3. D. Song – Yppah

4. Line of Fire – Junip

5. Full of Sound – We Plants are Happy Plants

6. Fill Your Eyes – Pretty Lights

7. Heaven for the Sinner feat. Erykah Badu – Bonobo

8 Don’t Leave the Light on Baby – Belle and Sebastian (request)

9. Anagram – Dousk

10. Our Hearts of Ruin – Blue Sky Black Death

11. Duck Farm – The Werks



12. Pretty Poly – Teebs

13. The Shrew Would Have Cushioned the Blow – Joy Orbison (get it? Like Roy Orbison? lol)

14. Metameme – STS9

15. Ascending – Actress

16. Mansani Cisse – Toubab Krewe

17. I Remember – Kaskade

18. Ribbon On a Branch – Younger Brother

19. All – Blackbird Blackbird

20. I Made a Tree on the World – Telefon Tel Aviv

21. Welt Am Draht – Pantha Du Prince

22. Lights – Grasscut

Announcements! In the upcoming weeks The Impact is going to be giving away tickets to All Good Music Festival on July 18-21st! You can tune in for your chance to win tickets! More info at!

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