Asian Invasion 04/08/2013

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

G-Dragon – “미치GO / MichiGO”
15& – “Somebody”
Teen Top – “니가 아니라서 / Missing You”
Lee Hi – “바보 / Fool for Love”
10cm – “지구인 / Earthling?”
f(x) – “Ice Cream (Idiotape remix)”
Colla Voice – “너의 결혼식 / Your Wedding (feat. Moong of Baechigi)”
IU – “New World”
Seatbelts – “Tank!” (by request)
FT Island – “You Are My Life”
Baek Ji Young – “오늘도 사랑해 / I Still Love You Today”
Phantom – “몸만와 / Come As You Are (feat. Verbal Jint)”
D-Unit – “얼굴 보고 애기해 / Face To Face”
Oneway – “Would You Be”
Park Soo Jin – “기억속의 먼 그대에게 / Distant Memories of You”

BTOB – “Monday To Sunday”
Two X – “Only U”
Still PM – “텅텅 / Empty”
ACIDMAN – “新世界 / New World”
fumika – “アオイトリ / Blue Bird”
Hemenway – “Inori”
Kera Kera – “Ato Hitotsu (Funky Monkey Babys cover)”
Piko – “人生リセットボタン / Life Reset Button”
Namie Amuro – “Big Boys Cry”
Arashi – “Calling”
CREAM – “Me Cho Creamy”
ONE OK ROCK – “Clock Strikes”
BiS & Dorothy Little Happy – “GET YOU”

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