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“Guilty Pleasures” with Impact 89FM

Taylor Swift’s song “You Belong to Me” is my guilty pleasure of the week. This song is targeted to a much younger audience than myself and I don’t relate to its romanticized high school content. However, I always feel the need to sing it like I’ve just learned to drive and my braces have come off, among other teenage accomplishments.


I hate that I know the words and I hate that I have created a second vocal backup lead specifically so I can sing harmonies with Swift like were BFFs in choir class. I hate that she plays both lead female roles in the music video and sings into her hairbrush, but it is so hard to hate the song itself. Its so incredibly catchy, which I can only assume is the result of witchcraft. I cant hide it anymore; I totally dig this song.

Written by Hannah MichaelJohn Meiklejohn

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