The Basement – 3/28/13

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Thanks to Januzzi Watchmen for hanging out with us tonight. Be sure to tune in next week when we have Mike Mains & the Branches stop by.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Narco Debut – Poppyseed

A Band Called Mithras – Robot Clowns

Deastro – Greens, Grays, and Nordics

Januzzi Watchmen – Signs

Januzzi Watchmen – Intercept

Januzzi Watchmen – All You Need

Januzzi Watchmen – Full Grown Man

The Riots – Sick Women

Nathan Alan – Rusted Wine

Hampshire – Windows

Ports of Aidia – Orion’s Belt

Redwood – Out At Night

Empty Orchestra – Trust Me

Catalina Wine Mixer – Laura

Running Shoes – Shivering Timbers

The Class Acts – Something Good

Kastanza – The Wire

Mike Mains & the Branches – Noises

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