Benjy Ferree – In the Countryside

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Washington, D.C-based Benjy Ferree plays an eclectic form of rock that changes from song to song on and album to album. Switching from straight-laced indie rock to back-country folk to simple-structured rock, he’ll always keep you guessing. When on a rock kick, he almost sounds like a Jack White impersonator with a Neutral Milk Hotel cover band playing behind him. Check out the odd video for his track “In the Countryside” off his debut album Leaving the Nest below.

9 Responses to Benjy Ferree – In the Countryside
  1. Josh Rickert Reply

    Pretty rad!

    • Aaron Young Reply

      Yes it is!

  2. Aaron Young Reply

    Awesome song!

  3. Aaron Young Reply

    Rad indeed!

  4. Aaron Young Reply

    And a rad portrait.

  5. Impact 89FM - WDBM-FM East Lansing, MI Reply

    Yes indeed!

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