Asian Invasion 03/25/2013

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Jang Woo Young (2PM) – “시작도 없던 것처럼 / Could Not Even Start”
Lee Hi – “Special (feat. Jennie Kim of YG New Artist)”
Wheesung – “Music”
G.Na – “Oops! (feat. Jang Ilhoon of BTOB)”
BTOB – “아버지 / Father”
D-UNIT – “Lockdown”
Donghae (Super Junior) – “Plz Don’t”
Rania – “Just Go”
Younha – “눈물이 한방울 / A Single Teardrop”
Ulala Session – “다 쓰고 없다 / Nothing Left”
T-ara – “Sexy Love”
TRAX – “오 나의 여신님 / Oh My Goddess”
Ivy – “Firefly”
SHINee – “Fire”
BoA – “Only One”

Seo In Guk – “Bad”
J-DAD – “Call Me”
Shishido Kavka – “無敵のロックスター / Unrivaled Rockstar”
SPYAIR – “サクラミツツキ / Sakura Mitsutsuki”
kainatsu – “愛すべき君のグレーゾーン / Aisubeki Kimi no Gray Zone”
Jang Geun Suk X BIG BROTHER – “Feel the Beat (Chinese Version)”
Koda Kumi – “情熱 / Passion”
V6 – “Rock Your Soul”
Aqua Timez – “Velonica” (by request)
yucat – “Hangman’s Tree”
LONG SHOT PARTY – “distance” (by request)
Tommy february6 – “Be My Valentine”
KAT-TUN – “Haruka Higashi no Sora e / To the Sky of the Far East”
OneWay – “Magic”

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