Asian Invasion 03/18/2013

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Orange Caramel – “クッキークリーム&ミント / Cookie Cream & Mint”
2NE1 – “Take the World On”
EXO-K – “Machine”
Verbal Jint – “Good Start (feat. Kang Min Hee of Miss $)”
2YOON – “Black Swan (feat. Nassun)”
B2ST – “Black Paradise”
Loca – “제발 / Please”
Iconize – “두근두근 / Doogeun Doogeun”
Tahiti – “Tonight”
Shin Yong Jae – “The Reason I Became A Singer”
D-UNIT – “Alone”
Ji-Soo – “Chance”
Kim Chae Joong – “One Kiss”
G.Na – “Green Light (feat. Jay Park)”
Prepix & Yang Yo Seop – “돈 들어오면 / When I Get Paid”
Park Bom – “Don’t Cry”

G-Dragon & Wheesung – “Helrose (Hello & Rose Mash-up)”
Yamazaki Aoi – “強くなる人 / Those Who Become Strong”
JOE – “The Boy Whose Expression Was Stolen”
Che’Nelle – “‪レイン‬ / Rain”
RADWIMPS – “縷々 / Ruru”
RUEKISS – “Precious Love (feat. Licana)”
LGMonkees – “きき手 / Kiki te”
PASSPO – “No.1 Boy”
back number – “Cotton Candy”
UNCHAIN – “Aliens”
YUKALI – “Without Love”
LEO – “Crazy Love”
Asian Kung-Fu Generation – “Well Then See You Tomorrow”
BoA – “Only One (Japanese Version)”

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