Exposure 3/12/13

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Tonight Exposure turns into SEXposure with help from Olin Health Center. Host Abbie Newton chats with panelists Denis Martell, Dr. Tina Timm, Kevin Bator, and Josh Whitson. MSU’s In Your Face Theatre Troupe joins in on the conversation and performs skits regarding topics about sex.

One Response to Exposure 3/12/13
  1. Lynda White Reply

    Professor Alan Arborgast in the Geophraphy Department would like to come on the Exposure show to discuss global warming and invite students to the upcoming viewing of a documentary “Chasing Ice” with a special Q and A with the director. (www.chasingice.com/) The movie is an award winning documentary and a very important addition to the global warming discussion. Dept. of Geography is bringing the Director to campus to talk after the showing. The movie will be at Wells Hall and is free to students.
    MSU students are globally focused and interested in the environment so we think this topic will interest them. If you could let me know if we could have Dr. Arborgast on Exposure or if there is a different show I would appreciate it I can be reached at above email or 517-333-4900. Thanks for considering.

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