Afterglow 3/10/13

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Tonight we started off the show a little bit differently with an interview with Russ and Zion of Boombox, if you missed it, or would like to hear it again, you can send me an e-mail at and I’ll get you a copy!

Gettin’ back to the music!

10:25ish – 11pm

1. Lost Ya – BoomBox

2. It’s Raining Clouds – Blockhead

3. Good Enough – xxyyxx

4. Snowfall – Paper Diamond

5. Too Much to Lose (Niva Remix)  – Sun Glitters

6. Burning Bone (Feat. Krystyn Pixton) – Lynx

7. When I’m Small – Phantogram

8. Trials of the Past (feat. Sampha) – Sbtrkt



9. Cuckoo – Tipper

10. Shishala – Random Rab

11. Run – Welder

12. Interstellar Safari – Spoonbill

13. Blessed Day on Distorted Shape – Easily Embarrassed

14. One Day in Ibiza – Ten Madison

15. Lullaby for the Little Robot – Chronos

16. Slo – Giraffage

17. The Witness – Saafi Brothers

18. Salam Shalom – Elea

19. Inner City Theme – Inner City

20. Opium – The New Division

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