The Basement – 3/7/13

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Thanks all for tuning in tonight! Be sure to tune in nexA t week when we have Ryan Anderson in studio.

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

Bird Dog – Freedom Fighter

The High Strung – Whatever He Wanted

Figure 45 – Close To The Edge

Ettison Clio – Othello Syndrome

Ryan Kipp – Fire

Tides – Magnolia

Jeff Pianki – Old Habits

Peddlers – That’ll Do

Small Houses – Our Dusking Sound

Photographers – Nostalgia the Country

Chris Dorman – Family Farm

Charlie Slick – Allan

The Distorted Waltz – Poems

Brion Riborn – Emergency Exit Routes

Thunderbirds Are Now! – Party A.R.M.

The Plurals – Plurality

Audrey – Chivalry

Amateur Anthropologist – Digging Up Bones

Jack and the Bear – Back To Despair

The Push Kings – Party To End

Royal Hoax – Ooh La La

Maria Rose & the Swiss Kicks – Siren Song

Summer & Starlight – It Snows In April

The Pop Project – Second Time Around

PK Fire – Your New Apartment

A Paschal Circus – Siegfried and Susyanna

Atlas 7 – What’s Goin’ On

The Juliets – Heart In Heart

Jason Alarm – New Ska Song

The Suicide Machines – Nuclear Generators

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