The Basement – 2/21/13

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Thanks to Bard Owls, Bennett, and Doug Mains and the City Folk for coming in and hanging out with us tonight!

Be sure to tune in next week when we have Reconnect and Kyle Brown in the studio!

Here’s tonight’s playlist:

-       Tiger! Tiger! – That Party on Francis

-       Fireworks – Detroit

-       The Blue Effect – Chiang Mai

-       Fur – I Want To Let You Down

-       Canada – Record Function

-       Dali Rocket – Hold On

-       The Lansing Unionized Vaudeville Spectacle – Save the Date

-       Patchwork – Boring Song

-       The Bard Owls – Darlin’ Corey

-       The Bard Owls – Elan

-       The Bard Owls – No Tracks

-       The Mighty Narwhale – Probe Until Unproductive

-       Bennett – Friend

-       Bennett – Home for Now

-       Bennett – From Before

-       Bennett – Old Time Father

-       Natively Foreign – The Forest

-       Doug Mains and the City Folk – Road to London

-       Doug Mains and the City Folk – Like David

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