Asian Invasion 02/18/2013

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Rainbow – “Tell Me Tell Me”
MFBTY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Bizzy) – “Sweet Dream”
Super Junior – “잠들고 싶어 / In My Dream”
B.A.P – “Dancing In The Rain”
Girls Generation – “I Got A Boy”
Cross Gene – “New Days”
Mighty Mouth – “Good-Bye (feat. Soya)”
Nevermind – “Shooting Star”
Ga-In – “노스텔지아 / Nostalgia (feat. Eric)”
Nell – “백야 / White Night”
BoA – “Lookin’ (feat. The Quiett)”
Noh Ji Hoon – “비가 와 / It’s Raining (feat. Maboos)”
Hyuna – “풋사과 / Unripe Apple (feat. Ilhoon from BTOB)”

Gavy NJ – “연락하지마 / Don’t Call (feat. LE of EXID)”
10cm – “오예 / Oh Yeah”
G-Dragon – “One of A Kind” (by request)
Ailee – “얼음꽃 / Ice Flower”
Mana Kana – “Ue o Muite Aruko (Sukiyaki cover)” (by request)
Park Sung Ho (Coofy) & Soliste – “나 요즘 이럿게 살아 / Lately I’ve Been Living Like This”
Ayumi Hamasaki – “Missing”
SPYAIR – “Blowing”
AeLL – “シグナル / Signal”
Super Junior M – “It’s You”
Yamaguchi Lisa – “今だけでも / Never Ever”
NATURAL8 – “Stay Together”
Hanazawa Kana – “Too Late For Chocolate?”
BOYFRIEND – “キミと / Dance Dance Dance”
Natsuiro – “Exotic Love”

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