This is the NEW!

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Welcome to the newly redesigned Impact 89FM site!

Seriously, look to your left, now to your right, up and then down. The entirety of your screen has never looked so pretty. The Impact is extremely excited for you to use our new, shiny website for a ton of things. We will continue to bring the you the very best music, interviews, specialty shows, and articles we have to offer. Think about how happy your eyes and ears are right now. Believe me, they are.

This is what we used to look like!

This is what we used to look like!

The image to the right is what our website used to look like. It treated us well, but we grew apart towards the end. As you can see, the new website is a major upgrade. For the last few months, The Impact’s web design team have been working tirelessly to ensure the website is looking its very best. The web team consists of NASA’s top minds, mystic technology, and coffee. The team has been under the leadership of DJ Ricky J (Afterglow fame). Thanks to their sleepless nights, blood, sweat, and high fives; we now have this brand new site!

The Impact 89FM is here to provide the very best for an amazing campus and its growing global community. Help us grow by dropping a comment below telling us what you like and think could change in regards to the new site! We still have lots of work ahead of us but we wanted to get the site underway! Don’t forget to share the new site!

Seriously, look at how pretty we are.

The Impact 89FM


2 Responses to This is the NEW!
  1. William Robel Reply

    I like the new look. The link to the listen live works well.

    • Aaron Young Reply

      Thanks for the feedback, William! Glad you like the listen live as well. It’s only in version 1.0, so it’s only going to improve!

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