Asian Invasion 02/04/2013

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

10cm – “근데 나 졸려 / But I’m Tired”
Sistar19 – “있다 없으니까 / Gone Not Around Any Longer”
4men – “내 새상 / My World”
BoA – “그런 너 / Disturbance”
Clazziquai – “Sweetest Name”
Ailee – “Heaven”
VIXX – “다칠 준비가 돼 있어 / I’m Ready To Get Hurt”
Go Du Rim – “Ice Cream”
December – “기억을 겅아보면 / Memories (feat. Soobin)”
May Doni – “교실에 오면 / What Did I Do”
DMTN – “Safety Zone”
ALi – “눈물이 흘러 버렸어 / Tears Fall (feat. Kang Joon of C-CLOWN)”
Lee Joongi – “Case By Case”
Ran – “매일 Love You Love You / Love You Love You Every Day”
Nevermind – “It’s OK”
Seo In Guk – “너 땜에 못살아 / I Can’t Live Because of You (feat. Verbal Jint)”

Cheeky Parade – “BUNBUN NINE9′”
Elephant Kashimashi – “The Dream I Saw One Day”
Shugo Tokumaru – “Parachute”
E-girls – “Just In Love”
New Order – “Permanent Revolution”
Team K (Umeda Ayaka, Masuda Yuka, Kasai Tomomi) – “MARIA”
ONE OK ROCK – “カサブタ / Scab”
Yamaguchi Lisa – “MAGIC (feat. SAY)”
Ide Ayaka – “White Bouquet”
HIROKI – “Can’t Believe”
Omodaka – “Monkey Turn (Mahoroba Mix)”
Abingdon Boys School – “HOWLING” (by request)
Loveholic – “Come and See Me”
Super Junior M – “Go”

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  1. Kali Root (@mskiwifruit) Reply

    Asian Invasion 02/04/2013: The playlist from tonight’s show: 10cm – “근데 나 졸려 / But I’m Tired”… (via @WDBM) #radio

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