Asian Invasion 01/29/2013

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Jay Chou – “傻笑 / Giggle (feat. Cindy Yen)”
Fwany – “먼로스 힐 / Monroe’s Heel”
Andy (Shinhwa) – “You and Me”
2YOON – “Black Swan (feat. Natsun)”
1sagain – “Love Is Over (feat. Illi)”
Nevermind – “Shooting Star”
BP Pop – “Today”
Eric Nam – “Love Song”
Kim Bo Kyung – “청개구리 / Blue Frog”
So Ji Sub – “소풍 / Picnic (feat. Younha)”
MFTBY (Tiger JK, Yoon Mirae, Bizzy) – “Sweet Dream”
Moon Hee Jun – “I’m Not OK”
Nine Muses – “Dolls”
Nine Muses – “Dolls”
Mister Mister – “Highway”
Tiny-G – “놀자 / Let’s Play”

NICO Touches the Walls – “Kessen Wa Kinyoubi”
AKB48 – “PARTY’s Going To Start”
Super Junior M – “A-oh!”
Koda Kumi – “Ecstasy”
AAA – “Miss You”
ALL THAT JAZZ – “Cruel Angel’s Thesis”
Dirty Old Men – “film”
Sasaki Sayaka – “Break your world”
PSY – “강남스타일 / Gangnam Style”
Yamaguchi Lisa – “Last Love”
The Bawdies – “1-2-3″
CREAM – “Shooting Star”
Yamazaki Aoi – “Tsunagaru”
Naoto Inti Raymi – “Life pallet”

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  1. Kali Root (@mskiwifruit) Reply

    Asian Invasion 01/29/2013: The playlist from tonight’s show: Jay Chou – “傻笑 / Giggle (feat. C… (via @WDBM) #radio

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