Top 10 Songs of 2012 – Asian Invasion Host Danny

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Danny’s Top 10 East Asian Songs of 2012


Phantom – “Burning”

Phantom made a comeback this year with their first mini-album “Phantom City,” which included several songs under various genres. This one, however, shined the most.


Jay Park – “Go”

This song packs a great amount of emotion, which Jay Park delivers excellently. His vocals turn into something very sincere towards the end.

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back number – “信者よ盲目であれ” / “Shinja yo moumoku de are”

The very meaningful lyrics of this song simply add a bigger magnitude to the vibe of this song. Of course, the lyrics are entirely in Japanese, but even if the listener doesn’t understand Japanese, it’s definitely a song that will impress.


三浦大知 (Miura Daichi) – “Right Now”

“Michael Jackson of Japan” Miura Daichi made it just in time to grab a spot in 2012’s top 10 list. Releasing the song in the second week of December, Miura displayed his very impressive vocals, dancing, and choreography abilities. This artist is always bound to do something amazing.


AILI – “I’m Yours feat. WISE”

AILI (pronounced ah-ee-lee) released a single album with DJ SOULJAH and WISE, and proved that the AILI+WISE duo will never disappoint. The chorus has a positive and somewhat of a “party” feel to it, so if you feel like jumping up and down, this song’s for you.


2BiC – “또 한여잘 울렸어” / “Made Yet Another Woman Cry”

Known for having incredible vocals, 2BiC released this song during the first quarter of the year, and grabbed a lot of attention. In this song, the duo shows that they can sing in all ways effectively, with great skill and talent.

[4] Ms.OOJA – “最後の雨” / “Last Rain”

Despite this song being a cover, Ms.OOJA is known for her vocals. She’s released many singles throughout the year, and most of them were absolutely impressive. This song–and several other covers from the same album–are simply amazing.



SPYAIR has been very active this year, and has had a lot of promotions and campaigns for their songs. “0 GAME” was used as the ending credits song for the new Spider Man movie in Japan, and spread like wildfire between fans (and non-fans). The intensity of the song increases as it gets closer to the last quarter, which is definitely something to look forward to every time the song is played.


Ailee – “Heaven”

Ailee (pronounced ay-lee) is known for her incredibly strong vocals, and she has covered Beyoncé’s “Halo” and Alicia Keys’s “Girl on Fire” live. This song is one of her best, if not THE best. Giving it a listen is definitely something you don’t want to miss!


Che’Nelle – “ビリーヴ (Believe)”

Played in the major districts and cities of Japan, Che’Nelle’s “Believe” hit the top of the charts over the summer and had a very good reason for that. Foreigners don’t usually reach the top spot of the Japanese charts, this song was an exception. Che’Nelle is a Malaysian-Chinese born in Australia who hadn’t been exposed to the Japanese language until recent years. Her Japanese pronunciation might be a bit off when singing a very small portion of the lyrics, but her incredibly powerful voice makes up for all of that. This song not only explains trust and faith in love, it projects it with a confident, firm, and superb voice.

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