Asian Invasion 12/17/2012

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Arashi – “Ano Hi no Merry Christmas”
Secret – “Talk That”
Sweet Sorrow – “12월의 이야기 / Story of December”
Orange Caramel – “흰눈 사이로 하이힐 타고 / Dashing Through the Snow in High Heels”
Wheesung – “너라는 명작 / Masterpiece of You”
Girls Generation – “Flower Power”
100% – “나 같은 놈 / Guy Like Me”

C-REAL – “Danger Girl”
G.Na, Sanchez from Phantom – “Beautiful Day”
IU – “아이온 / Aion (Atreia)”
Jang Woo Young – “2NITE”
Hello Venus – “Romantic Love”
ZE:A – “Phoenix”
Miss A – “남자 없이 잘 살아 / I Don’t Need A Man”
U-KISS – “Stop Girl”
Zia – “I Need You (with Huh Gak)”

NEWS – “World Quest”
Yamaguchi Lisa – “Always Together”
Matsushita Yuuya – “Super Drive”
Mana Kana – “Ue o Muite Aruko (Sukiyaki Cover)” (by request)
LEO – “I Will Love You”
Nishino Kana – “Is This Love?”
Miura Daichi – “Right Now”
Che’Nelle – “Sunshine On You”
Monkey Majik – “A Christmas Song”
Zwei – “Naive Spectrum”
Lugz&Jera – “Winter’s Love”
Ivy – “찢긴 가슴 / Torn Heart”
Younha – “No Limit”

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  1. Kali Root (@mskiwifruit) Reply

    Asian Invasion 12/17/2012: The playlist from tonight’s show: Arashi – “Ano Hi no Merry Christ… (via @WDBM) #radio

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