Asian Invasion 11/26/2012

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Lee Hi – “허수아비 / Scarecrow”
TVXQ – “Humanoids”
Goddess – “Dirty Boy”
Psy – “Gangnam Style / 2 Legit 2 Quit Mashup (feat. MC Hammer)” 
Spica – “Lonely”
Park Jung Min – “Beautiful”
Juniel – “Happy Ending”

Natthew – “She’s Bad (feat. Joon Hyung of B2ST)”
Hwayobi – “The Thing That Makes Me Crazy (feat. Illinit)”
LEDApple – “바람아 불어라 / Let The Wind Blow”
Gavy NJ – “이쁘네요 / It’s Pretty”
Yesung – “사랑에 멀어서 / Blind For Love”
Huh Gayoon of 4minute – “내사랑 내곁에 My Love By My Side”
C-CLOWN – “Far Away / 멀어질까봐”
Dal Shabet – “있기 없기 / Have, Don’t Have”

Brian Joo – “눈물이 말르면 / Tears Run Dry”
Girls Generation – “훗 / Hoot”
Kana Nishino – “Always”
Gackt – “Hakuro”
AAA – “Good Day”
Mana Kana – “I Walk While I Look Up (Sukiyaki Cover)”
BACK-ON – “Futari Diary”
Hitomi Yaida – “Mogitateno Yuuutsu”
Masaharu Fukuyama – “Game”
Morning Musume – “Take A Chance”
SEAMOxSPYAIR – “Rock This Way”
Shion – “Just Me”
Do As Infinity – “Daybreak Is Near”
84LY – “나비 / Butterfly”

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  1. Kali Root (@mskiwifruit) Reply

    Asian Invasion 11/26/2012: The playlist from tonight’s show: Lee Hi – “허수아비 / Scarecrow” TVXQ… (via @WDBM) #radio

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