Asian Invasion 11/05/12

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The playlist from tonight’s show:

Geeks and Soyu – “Officially Missing You, Too”
BoA – “Lookin’ (feat. The Quiett)”
B.A.P – “하지마 / Stop It”
Seo In Young – “Let’s Dance”
Epik High – “춥다 / It’s Cold (feat. Lee Hi)”
Ailee – “보여줄게 / I’ll Show You”
Girl’s Day – “나를 잊지마요 / Don’t Forget Me”
Hyuna – “Ice Cream (feat. Maboos)”
Primary – “하이엔드걸 / High End Girl (feat. Deez)”
Lee Hi – “1,2,3,4”
TimeZ – “아이돌 만만세 / Hooray for Idols”
Miss $ – “니 남자가 아니야 / He’s Not Your Man”
Romantic Punch – “Silent Night”
P.O.P Con – “놀자고 / Let’s Play”
Baek Seung Hoon – “피타펫 / Pit-a-Pat”

Son Seung Yeon – “보이지 않아도 / You Don’t Need To See”
Kim Jong Kook – “Nostalgia (feat. Mikey)”
AKB48 – “UZA”
Baby M – “Go Boom (feat. Blaise Plant from Alphabet Project)”
GILLE – “Girls”
B14A – “One Love”
Kara – “エレクトリックボーイ / Electric Boy”
flumpool – “Answer”
Kyari Pamu Pamu – “Fashion Monster”
TRAX – “오! 나의 여신님 / Oh! My Goddess”
Koda Kumi – “Go to the Top”
Taeyang – “Take It Slow”
Milky Bunny – “Tear Sky”
Golden Bomber – “Life is Show Time”
E2RE – “깊인밤 슬픈노래 / Deep Night Sad Song”

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  1. Kali Root (@mskiwifruit) Reply

    Asian Invasion 11/05/12: The playlist from tonight’s show: Geeks and Soyu – “Officially Missi… (via @WDBM) #radio

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