Afterglow 5/6/2012

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Here’s something a little different. Tonight on the afterglow we’re airing our interview with Simon Postford of Shpongle. They’ll be performing this Friday in Detroit at the Majestic Theater, so if you’re into them you may be interested. I’ll be trying to head that way, and some other Impact people will be there too, so post in the comments if you want to meet up!

I’ve got plenty of great music to play after the interview too, so stay tuned for your regularly scheduled Afterglow. Playlist up live below.

Animal Collective – What Could I Want? Sky
Interview with Simon Postford of Shpongle
Shpongle – Divine Moments of Truth
J.Viewz – Oh, Something’s Quiet (Feat. Kelli Scarr)
The Books – Read, Eat, Sleep
Bonobo – Silver
The Flashbulb – Between the Waves

Ulrich Schnauss – Never be the Same (Acoustic Version)
ISAN – Look and Yes
Jónsi – Animal Arithmetic
King Crimson – Eyes Wide Open
Pretty Lights – Summer’s Thirst
Tortoise – Eden 2
Flying Lotus – Golden Diva
Oliver Tank – Embrace (MONAS remix)
Still Corners – Submarine
Bibio – Saint Christopher
Toe – C
Pilote – Turtle [Bonobo Mix]
Röyksopp – Sombre Detune

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