Afterglow 3/4/12

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Hey everybody! It’s a ghost town right now! East Lansing is empty because of spring break. For those of you left or for you listeners who are too cool for school, we’re still here at the Impact playing all kinds of great music. Got my buddy Tom in here tonight, and we’re gonna play all kinds of chilled out grooves. The playlist will be going up live below.

I also stumbled across a great accompaniment to the Afterglow! All you have to do is slow down your busy life for a minute and do nothing for two minutes. That’s it. You can do it on your own, but somebody made a thing at That way you can officially do nothing for two minutes. There’s also the sister site Cool stuff.

Kuba – Trustafari
Natural Snow Buildings – The Cover-Up
Jónsi – Hengilás
Tycho – Cloud Generator
Owen Gilbride – Plate Tectonics
Bibio – Haikuesque (When She Laughs)
Ott – Splitting an Atom
Black Moth Super Rainbow – Zodiac Girls (Pony Version)
Balmorhea – Hands
Four Tet – Hands
Phantogram – Turn it Off
Bonobo – The Plug

Boards of Canada – June 9th
The Seven Fields of Aphelion – Starlight Aquatic
The Books – Don’t Even Sing About It
Apparat – A Bang in the Void
Sigur Rós – Downstream
Moby – In My Heart
DJ Cam – Fontainebleau
The Flashbulb – Island on an Endless Plane
Flying Lotus – Comet Course
Still Corners – The White Season

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