Afterglow 2/26/2012

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Another Sunday night, another awesome episode of the Afterglow. Giving away our third and final copy of Le Voyage Dans la Lune. We’re also back in business with a brand new array of working CD players! Alright! Full playlist below.

Jónsi – Boy Lillikoi (Acoustic)
Animal Collective – Doggy
Moby – Lacrimae
Gem Club – Breakers
Air – Sonic Armada
Kuba – Mas Intensas
Toe – Metronome
Bonobo – Kota
The Flashbulb – Arrival to an Empty Room
Great Leap Forward – Steer
Natural Snow Buildings – Eu Un Miroir, Obscurement

Still Corners – Into the Trees
Black Moth Super Rainbow -The Magical Butterfly Net
Oliver Tank – The Last Time
Frakkur – [untitled 1]
Air – Décollage
Air – Lava
STS9 – Ad Explorata
Apparat – The Soft Voices Die
Boards of Canada – Chinook
DJ Cam – Dreamcatcher
Bibio – Jealous of Roses
Flying Lotus – German Haircut
Kirsty Hawkshaw and Ulrich Schnauss – After the Rain
The Books – Take Time

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