Tally Hall stops by to see some Grand Rapidians!

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For Impact 89FM, my name is J.Wiz, and we are here at the Intersection in Grand Rapids with two friends from Tally Hall, guys, why don’t you introduce yourselves for us.

Zubin Sedghi (blue tie): I’m Z-intellect.

Ross Federman (gray tie) : I’m Ross,  I don’t have a DJ name.


Z: You actually do have a DJ name!

F: ..I do have a DJ name.

What is it?

F: Uhh, mr. F

Did you guys DJ in college?

F: I D.J.ed a lot  in Brooklyn, where I used to live.

Z: Have you seen Arrested Development?


Z: (sings..) Mr. F..

Z: It’s an Arrested Development reference.

Oh okay, I must not have seen that episode. 

Z: It’s okay.

F: Season 3. Charlize Theron? Mentally retarded female?

Oh yeah! 

F: Well my last name starts with an F, so Mr. F is sort of a … it’s a reference and a reality.

This album, Good and Evil, it’s been a long time coming. 

Z: It has.

It’s been about six years? Since the last one came out?

Z: Well when we re-released it in, what was it? 2007? 2008?

F: 8.

Z: Yeah, but that was already a re-release so it’s  been about four or five years. It’s been a long time. We’ve wanted to release it for  quite a while but we’re just so thankful that we finally were able to release it an everyone gets to hear it, and we get to play the music and people know it.

Is it the only thing you guys have been working on, or have there been any side projects?  

F: Well we spent a lot of time working on the internet show, or this, the Tally Hall internet show? Or is it Tally Hall’s internet show? Tally Hall’s. This is horribly embarrassing, we should cut this out, but we can’t, I’m sure. Anyway, we did an internet show… we spent a lot of time doing a series of internet shorts, or skits if you will. We did a lot of touring, we weren’t able to really write, there was a certain period of time, after we released Marvin’s, and after we subsequently re-released Marvin’s, where you’re on the road and it’s tough to write and really come up with new material in the process of trying to market your other material. So there was a lot of that going on.

As far as sound goes, how would you compare this [album, Good & Evil] to Marvin’s [Marvelous Mechanical Museum]?

Z: Well, it’s different. We’re a little bit older, I would say, but I would leave it to the listener to see how they feel about it. We’ve been so close to the music that it’s difficult to exactly place it for us, but there have been years in between writing these songs so it’s definitely a different sound.

This is a personal curiosity I’ve always had about that first album, did you guys ever meet with Marvin? I’ve been to that museum, did you ever hang out with him and say, “Why don’t you listen to this?”

F: We have, several times actually. In fact, one time he took us to a really awesome place. I don’t even know how to describe where he took us to.

Z: The name is pretty good actually.

F: What was it called?

Z: Theatre Bizarre.

F: Theatre Bizarre! He took us to a place named Theatre Bizarre, and he had us follow him, and he was just a crazy– his driving was on par with the way Marvin’s Museum is laid out,

Z: Which is hectic.

F: Which is very hectic, but we got there safely. And it was a very cool place, we ended up filming our Two Wuv music video there.

[Editor’s note, here’s a link to the video! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iQ54SA_wa68 ]

Was he happy to have that album named after him?

F: Well, he’s sort of a little aloof, to say the least. I think the relationship was very friendly though. It’s tough to say that he was happy, he was obviously okay with it and yeah, we like him and I think he likes us? So, leave it at that.

So you guys are back with Quack Media again, how does it feel to be back with them?

Z: You know when it’s the wintertime and you have a glove that you really like, and then you loose the glove, and then you’re wearing this other glove and it’s itchy and it’s not the same, and it’s more expensive and kind of flashy and people are like,”Ohh look at that glove!”

But it doesn’t totally feel right, and then the glove’s like, “We don’t want to release your CD.”

And then you get really complicated emotions with the glove and the glove ends up like, firing you, not really, kind of mutually departing with the glove, and then there’s another glove that was your old glove, then you go back to that, and you’re like, “Oh it’s nice to be back with this original glove.”

‘Cause it’s like cold outside, that’s kind of what it felt like.

Could this other glove perhaps be a reference to Atlantic Records?

Z: What glove are you talking about?

The fancy glove?

Z: No not at all, it’s just about something you wear on your hands when your hands are cold.

Are there any more videos that we should be expecting on the internet that you guys have been working on, or have those all been released?

F: All the videos that were at this point in time completed have been released, but there’s definitely some work being done on music videos for this album. I don’t think we have any firm release dates necessarily  on them, but they’re underway.

Z: And hopefully we’ll have something during this touring, video releases, that will perhaps, we’re working on it. There will be something.

F: There will be some video content to go along with the record.

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