A Final Night With The Hard Lessons

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A Final Night With The Hard Lessons

Saturday night was probably just a normal winter night for most on campus. Some probably went out to parties while others stayed inside to study or relax. A select few experienced something different on Saturday. Those select few experienced a homecoming and a farewell to some homegrown heroes.
The Hard Lessons came to Mac’s Bar to deliver their “final” Lansing show. The grounds were packed with fans old and new, the heart in the room was palpable, everyone was glad to be there, and the band was happy to have us.  I say “final” because I don’t see this band gone for long.
The reason for the band’s departure is due to the fact that Ko Ko, the female lead, is having a baby (collective “aww”)! Ko Ko and Augie, the leads of the band, are now on their way to parenthood, and are taking a break from the band.
But do not fear, THL fans! The band was quick to call it a “hiatus” rather than a break-up.  Even though it was a final Lansing show, it didn’t feel that way. The group acted as if they were coming off a hiatus rather than the opposite. Their energy was bone-breaking.  Playing songs from every album, mixing their classic Motor City brutal blues-rock with their heartfelt softer side, the fans were just as ready for The Hard Lessons as the band was for their fans. Everyone was dancing, nodding, clapping their hands, and hey – there was even some mild moshing.
It was a night of nostalgia for most, and I was no exception. My first concert was The Hard Lessons at The Flint Local 432 (coming back to Flint Spring 2011!). I was a freshman in high school and was getting my first taste of awesome. The Hard Lessons put on an incredible show, filled with energy. Last night, it came full circle, and I got to see a great band perform a great show! Freshman Noah and I high-fived through a vortex of space and time.
The Hard Lessons are a band not only to love but also to be truly proud of. They show us that Michigan is a state of pride and strength that can produce some pretty great things. The band is especially inspiring if you come from MSU. During the show, they sprinkled in some facts about their time at MSU, telling the audience that their first song “Milk and Sugar” was written in the library on campus. Another bit of history is that the two met here their freshman year at a party then solidified their friendship in a political science class. They have not looked back since, and in the meantime have created some amazing music that Michigan as a collective can be extremely proud of.
The Hard Lessons are true heroes of the underground, so much so that they came back to Mac’s, their first venue, to bid farewell to the city that birthed them. We will miss them while they’re gone, but wish them and their newly-formed family the best of luck. I’m sure in no time we will be back together, all singing “Carey Says”.

Long live The Hard Lessons!

Noah Gebstadt

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