How To Soundtrack Your Indie Wedding

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This past weekend I had the pleasure of seeing two good friends tie the knot. The reception was full of clinking glasses, good people, tears of joy, and dancing.  I’m 6’7″ and all legs, so when someone sees me for the first time, I’m sure the first thing that comes to mind isn’t “dancer”. I will forgive them for making that assumption right away: I am a fantastic dancer (and modest too!). But I digress, amongst all of the good times I couldn’t help but notice the music that was playing: it was great party/dancing music. They gave the people what they wanted as far as classics go. Moves were busted to a few Michael Jackson gems,  “Brick House” and “Let’s Get It On” were some of the memorable songs of the night.

The reception was chock-full of Lady Gaga due to the fact that “she is so hot right now” (Zoolander quote!).  Among all of these good times and dancing, I of course thought what songs I would want played at my wedding. My usual day dreaming about my future wedding includes scrapbooking, cutting clippings out from bridal magazines, and Taylor Swift songs, so I thought I’d share some awesome songs and where their placement would be in my wedding. So let’s get started…

The first dance…

This one is hard, but it comes down to a tie between either Cat Power’s “Sea of Love” or Joe Purdy’s “Wash Away”. Both songs are some real tearjerkers and have a lot of emotion behind them; it’s a tough call.

Songs for dancing…

LCD Soundsystem is made for dancing, plain and simple, and the song “Home” will always bring a smile to my face and get my feet tapping.

What would a reception be without Curtis Mayfield? Not a reception, that’s right! This song is pure joy, and I love it to death.

Songs for the slow dancing…

Band of Horses is one of my favorite bands, and I think “No One’s Going to Love You” is a beautiful song, worthy of a slow dance.

Sufjan Stevens’ “Holland” is not only a hauntingly pretty song, it is also apart of a larger ode to a state I do enjoy from time to time.

Songs for dance circles/putting an arm around the person next to you and swaying…

This song is guaranteed to bring everyone and anyone to the dancefloor. Seeing as dance circles are thoroughly awesome, I promise this song will incite one. Ladies and gentlemen, A Tribe Called Quest’s “Can I Kick It?”

Here is a classic one for the end of the night, when everyone is emotionally and ready to embrace their fellow friends and family. Elton John’s “Tiny Dancer” is a great tune for such an occasion.

Favorite Song from The wedding this weekend…

DJ Kool’s “Let Me Clear My Throat”. This song is just damn goofy; I love it. This weekend was my first time hearing it. If anything has Biz Markie in it, it’s solid gold in my book.

Of course there are plenty of great songs out there that didn’t make this very short list. Music is about bringing out emotions in the audience that listens to it. A wedding reception is a perfect place to see the full spectrum of emotions that different songs bring out.  So next time you are bored listening to your iTunes, start thinking about what you want to hear on your big day.

I’d also would like to congratulate Austin and Emily Germain on an awesome wedding and cheers to the great life ahead!

Noah Gebstadt

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