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We hear that you would like to become a volunteer DJ or take on another role at the Impact? Fantastic! We only require that you’re a student at Michigan State University. No experience is necessary – we’ll show you what to do.

Here’s how to get started:

1. Fill out this application and bring it to G-4 Holden Hall or send it to Impact89fm@Gmail.com. Don’t worry – we have plenty of copies at our studio if you forget to print this out.

2. Our training director will contact you by phone or e-mail. You’ll come in for a training session and learn about the Impact.

3. You start your DJ career on TheFix.org – the Impact’s Internet-only training station. At this time, you can also start looking for other areas of the station that might interest you. Maybe you want to review new music that comes in? Or be a panelist on a talk show? Or shoot video footage of a band that is performing live? Or be on the news team? There are many opportunities to get involved.

4. As your skills progress, you may be offered a slot on the Impact airstaff. Or, maybe you’d rather not DJ at all. You determine how involved you want to be at the station and what you want to commit to.