Submit Music

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We’d love to add your music to our mix for review! Our station receives a lot of music each week, so be sure you are sending your CDs to the proper place.


Impact 89FM
G-4 Holden Hall
Michigan State University
East Lansing, MI 48825

If your music falls in any of the following categories, please add the appropriate label to the front of your envelope:

  • For local music:
    Attn: Basement
  • For Asian music:
    Attn: Asian Invasion
  • For Americana/twang/country/folk music:
    Attn: Progressive Torch & Twang
  • For jazz & blues music:
    Attn: Accidental Blues
  • For metal music:
    Attn: Hourz O’ Power
  • For electronic music:
    Attn: Mechanical Pulse
  • For hip-hop/rap/R&B music:
    Attn: The Vibe

If your music does not fall in any of the above categories, don’t include any special label. Our music review staff will consider it for regular rotation and/or pass it on to the appropriate specialty show.