City Pulse on the Air | 5.02.21

Nathan Stearns, News Director

On this edition of City Pulse On the Air, arts editor Skyler Ashley takes over hosting duties for publisher Berl Schwartz. Ashley interviews traveling mural artist Victor Ving who, along with his partner Lisa Beggs, has been touring the United States painting murals inspired by vintage greeting cards in different cities. Ving and Beggs are heading to East Lansing on May 10 to paint a mural on the south-facing wall of the Roadhouse Pub. Ving shares his experiences on the road and explains how the two manage the nomadic lifestyle. They hope to complete the mural by May 17.

To cap off the show, we hear tracks from a compilation album featuring local indie rock bands dedicated to the employees of Mac’s Bar, which has been closed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic.

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