Moving On With Good Vibes | “Hold In, Hold On” by Kid Bloom


Tasia Bass

There’s a universal consensus that 2020 has been a long year that has tested everyone’s patience. The pandemic has raised our stress levels, but Kid Bloom is here to help ease those anxieties with his new song, “Hold In, Hold On.”

The song feels like a nostalgic 50s good-vibe beach song, reminiscent of the Beach Boys. It has an upbeat and pleasant melody, filled with strong bass, dulcet guitars and brilliant percussions. The lightness of the music suits Kid Bloom’s soft vocals. 

The song is a pandemic metamorphosis anthem. The lyrics break down how he has changed while getting over a relationship that wasn’t working. Before his heart would beat fast when he thought about the person he’s singing about, but now it beats normal:

“Stuck in the past/

Yeah, my heart don’t beat that fast anymore/

Ooh, baby/

I find it funny how nobody acts the same as before/

Ooh, darling”

Then, he explains the feeling of relief and strength when he finally gets over what was keeping him from moving on: 

“Now it’s alright/

I got my mind off you/

It’s been a long time coming, I know it’s true”

Yet, a part of him still misses the friendship and closeness they had. 

“I miss my friends/

Well, at least I miss one/

Ooh, baby/

It all depends, everybody’s in it all for themselves”

The beauty of “Holding In, Holding On” is that it isn’t about being bitter or hurt, but happy with the journey and growth. 

“Holding In, Holding On” is the perfect comforting song to sing and dance to in your home while we wait for this pandemic to end.