The State – 11/18/20

Haley Sinclair, Case deKoning

On Thursday, Nov. 12, Michigan State University opened up its first-ever sexual assault health care program for MSU students, staff, faculty, and anyone in the tri-county area and Clinton county.

MSU’s sexual assault health care program provides the option for survivors of sexual assault to receive treatment. The Center for Survivors designed the program for people who have been sexually assaulted within the last 5 days, have access to medical examinations, medical treatment and post-assault care without going through a hospital system.

Patients will have the option to receive treatments such as physicals, prophylactic treatment for STIs, information for resources to receive mental and psychological help, and more. The program design is to be as comprehensive as possible and patient-led.


Comedian John Mulaney joined MSU students last night in a virtual event sponsored by MSU Hillel, ASMSU and the MSU Jewish Student Union.

MSU Hillel secured the event with Mulaney in a partnership with Virginia Tech University Hillel. The two groups will be splitting the cost of the event.

The event is structured as a Q&A with Mulaney with comedian Derrick Knopsnyder as host.


On Monday evening, MSU President Samuel L. Stanley Jr. sent an email to students regarding Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s statewide regulations and their impact on MSU.

Whitmer announced on Sunday a three-week epidemic order beginning Wednesday, Nov. 18 and ending Dec. 8. Under the order, restaurants are closed for indoor dining, high schools, colleges and universities are closed for in-person learning, and indoor recreational activities are also prohibited.

While the majority of classes at MSU are already online, in-person learning for health care programs are exempt from the new regulations. Graduate and undergraduate research and lab work are not affected by the order.

Indoor dining for restaurants and bars is also not allowed. Dining halls at MSU will continue to be open for dine-in eating with one person per table. There will be six feet between tables to encourage social distancing.