The State – 9/30/20

Haley Sinclair, Case dekoning

When Trustee Brianna Scott presented to ASMSU about the Board of Trustees, she was met with what turned into an hour and 23 minutes on the hot seat as GA members sought answers to questions in various topics including tuition rates, the return to campus, football, teaching policies and international student inclusion.

Some important information to come out of the meeting was the assurance that any decision regarding next semester will be made early, that there is no intention to lower tuition although some lab classes may receive refunds due to lack of accessibility, and that the board will begin investigating classes and instructors that are reported to have less instruction and an increase in “busy work”.

The Michigan Attorney General recently launched an investigation into Unlock Michigan, a campaign aiming to repeal the 1945 Emergency Powers of the Governor Act.

The investigation was launched after the Attorney General’s office received complaints from Michigan residents who said they were deceived by those gathering Unlock Michigan petition signatures.

The Attorney General also received letters from the League of Women Voters and an attorney, John Pirich, calling for an investigation.

Recently, an article by the Detroit Free Press showed a video secretly recorded by a Keep Michigan Safe representative which revealed that Unlock Michigan had “coached paid petition circulators on giving voters false information, illegally collecting signatures without witnessing them, trespassing on private property, and even lying under oath”

The U.S. Department of Homeland Security announced a proposal last Thursday, which could limit the duration of immigration status of international students to only two years.

Currently, students’ visas are valid for as long as they are enrolled in their course of study, but under the proposed rule those coming from countries associated with high visa overstay rates will be limited to up to a two-year fixed period of stay.

The main motive of this proposal is to increase oversight of international students and combat fraud and visa overstays. Those who are against the proposal believe it’s another unnecessary burden to those looking to come to the U.S. to study.