Slow and Soft | “Throwaway” – SG Lewis x Clario


Hope Odell, Volunteer

After partnering up for 2018 song “Better,” SG Lewis x Clairo are back with another track titled “Throwaway.” Compared to their first collaborative song, “Throwaway,” is much slower and softer. It starts with an arpeggio of soft synth bells and a simple 8-bit drum loop. An ambient synth comes in at the same time as Clairo’s vocals, and this makes up the majority of the song’s sound.

The sound of the song matches the meaning of the lyrics, longing. In the opening lines Clairo croons out, “Sometimes I know what’s right for me/And I’ll be here waiting, yeah/Baby, show me all that I can do/I could be the one to guide you through,” making the listener feel the patience, and yet, the desire in the song. As the song pushes through with the same simple sounds, the vocals are layered in the chorus. This makes the chorus feel important, emphasizing what Clairo is singing, “Baby, take my hand and I’ll show you the way/Bring you a little closer, tell you it’s okay/I don’t wanna be something you can throw away.” This is the heart of what the song is about–begging someone to keep you around because you want them and you want them to want you. It’s a simple concept for a simple song, but somehow I can still listen to it on loop as I walk around campus.

Clairo is currently touring the US with Khalid on his Free Spirit World Tour and will be playing Little Caesars Arena July 28.